[SUPPORT] MBLAQ's Mini Album 'Broken'

[SUPPORT] MBLAQ’s Mini Album ‘Broken’! Read the ways you can support MBLAQ’s comeback here! You have no excuse A+~ ^^ 

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[PROJECT #20] BLAQ% Tour Rice Wreath & Gift Support Project

Hi A+! So as you all know, MBLAQ is doing an asian concert tour called ‘THE BLAQ% TOUR’. Starting off in Indonesia, they will perform in Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan (countries not confirmed yet)! In order to support them during this exciting tour, we would like to cheer them on and show them that A+ all over the world love them!

In order to do so, we will be organizing the following:

Rice Wreaths

We would ideally like to send MBLAQ a rice wreath at every concert stop that they have. The minimum cost of one rice wreath is about $91 USD, so it will all depend on how many donations we can get whether we can do a rice wreath at every concert. Otherwise, we would like to at least do a rice wreath at their first and last concert.

The rice wreath would contain MBLAQAttack’s name on the side and then a support message on the other side, along with MBLAQ’s picture.

It would consist of 20kg of rice that will be donated in MBLAQ’s name to those in need.

Here’s an example of a rice wreath:

Posted Image

Gift Support

Another thing we would like to do is send MBLAQ a few gifts at some of their concert stops. These gifts would just consist of little things such as food/snacks, and little items, along with a support message. We will try to organize these things and do them, however, we will only be able to give gifts at concerts that some of our staff are going to, so we might not be able to do this for every concert.


In order to make this support project possible, we need A+’s help! Since each rice wreath is at least $91 and there may be a total of 6 concerts, our goal is going to be quite high at $600! But we have a lot of time to fundraise for this and I believe A+ can do it. Please spread the word about the project. The rice wreaths are not only for MBLAQ but they’re for charity as well, so let’s work hard to support MBLAQ and those in need at the same time! ^^


Donations via PayPal can be sent to mblaqattack@hotmail.com

Please indicate in the note section that it is for the BLAQ% TOUR

Concealed Cash

We will be accepting concealed cash for this project. If you would like to send us concealed cash, please PM ☆sunshine at mblaqattack.net/forums

(Source: mblaqattack.net)

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[SUPPORT] MBLAQ’s 4th Mini Album ‘100%Ver’

Support Information for MBLAQ’s 4th Mini Album 100%Ver

Hey guys! So I decided just to make this topic to combine all of the ways A+ can support MBLAQ’s comeback with their 4th Mini Album 100%Ver! ^^ Through the methods I will list, A+ can help support the boys and hopefully help them win on the charts!


1. Buy their album on January 10th!

Don’t pre-order it, because it won’t help the boys in their promotions.

2. Buy their album from websites that count on the charts!

YESASIA.COM counts on the Hanteo and Gaon Charts

Buy their album or album + poster on YESASIA!

DVDHEAVEN.COM counts on the Hanteo Chart

Buy their album or album + poster on DVDHeaven!

KPOPTOWN.COM counts on the Hanteo Chart

Buy their album + poster on kpoptown!

SYNNARA.CO.KR counts on the Hanteo Chart

This is a Korean site, and you can visit this notice to read more about it, but basically you can e-mail shopmaster@synnara.co.kr to place your order.

3. Buy their song/album on Soribada!

You can visit the Soribada English website and make an account by clicking Sign-Up. After you’ve done that, visit the Download Pass section. In this area, you can use your PayPal to purchase 40 tracks for $5.99 per month or 150 tracks for $9.99 per month. Once you purchase one of the download plans, you can visit MBLAQ’s Arist Page and download ‘Nakseo’.

4. Stream their song on Korean sites!

Press play to stream Nakseo to promote it on the charts!

Since this is the only song right now, I’ll update again later when their whole album comes out.



Melon (click the little button that says 듣기 with a pair of headphones next to it)



5. Vote on M!Countdown!

Visit this tutorial on how to register on Mnet and vote for MBLAQ on M!Countdown! Trust me, it’s really easy~ You can even make multiple accounts to vote!

6. Make MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe #1!

By visiting MBLAQ’s Daum Cafe and following the tutorial below, you can help MBLAQ’s Cafe become #1, which will win the boys a special performance on M!Countdown!

Click the image for the full size!

Posted Image


Okay, that’s all I have for now! If any of you have questions, need help, or have more ways to support the boys, feel free to leave a comment below! ^^

MBLAQ & A+ fighting!

credit: ☆sunshine @ mblaqattack.net

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