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140418 [NEWS] Gap Dong’ Lee Joon, will he give feeling of fear today once again


[OSEN=Park Hyun Min] Will Lee Joon from a group MBLAQ give feeling of fear once again with his outstanding acting in ‘Gap Dong’?

In the 3rd episode of tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘Gap Dong’(Script by Kwon Eum Mi, produced by Cho Soo Won) that will go on air in the afternoon of April 18th, the second meeting between Ryu Tae Oh(Lee Joon), who was freed from protective custody office, and Ma Ji Wool(Kim Ji Won) will be shown.

Previously, Ryu Tae Oh has been giving off a copycat vibe by showing respect towards ‘Gap Dong’. In the 2nd episode, he has a case of giving the feeling of fear to ones who are watching with the lines that says “Should we…play a game? A zombie game” to Soon Shim(Lee Young Eun), a craftsman, when they were at the warehouse alone by themselves.

Ryu Tae Oh meeting Ma Ji Wool once again at a café where he started to work part time at is shown through the trailer of 3rd episode of ‘Gap Dong’, and there are concerns toward whether Ma Ji Wool will become another victim of Ryu Tae Oh in the future.

When people saw a particular trailer, they showed anticipation towards 3rd episode by saying ‘Lee Joon’s acting is scary’, ‘Isn’t Kim Ji Won also in danger’ and ‘Who is real Gap Dong’ and so on.

Meanwhile, ‘Gap Dong’ is a mystery sentimental chase drama made up of 20 episodes based on serial killing that happened in a virtual city called Iltan. Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Min Jung, Sung Dong Il, Lee Joon and Kim Ji Won and so on appears. It goes on air at 8:40pm on Fridays and Saturdays every week.


<Picture> The capture of the trailer of the 3rd episode of tvN ‘Gap Dong’

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140405 [NEWS] ‘Music Core’ MBLAQ, Standard perfect suit….Charming up ‘Come Back’


[OSEN=Hwang Mi Hyun] MBLAQ performed its come back stage by showing perfect men in suit

MBLAQ appeared in MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and showed its come back stage with its new song ‘Be A Man’ in April 5 3:50 pm.

The group wore navy suit and doubled their masculine image with neat and tidy styling.

Especially Mir who had shown cute image through entertainment program wore glasses and had 2:8 part his hair in the middle, giving different image of seriousness.

Today’s ‘Show! Music Core’ had various musicians including SuperJunior-M, Toheart, 4minute, Im ChangJeong, Apink, Oranga Caramel, Mad Clown, MBLAQ, Crayon Pop, Park Su Jin, M.I.B, So real, Speed, Tint, F. CUZ, NS Yoonji, Sam, and Kim So Jeong.


<Photo credit> Show! Music Core Capture

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140418 [NEWS] ‘Gap Dong’ Lee Joon, ‘acting idol’ modifier is supposed to be used in times like this


OSEN=Park Hyun Min] There are hot interests going toward Lee Joon, a member of a group MBLAQ. That is because he is showing realistic acting as if he wore clothes that perfectly fit him by playing the role of a psychopath in a thriller drama about serial killing.

tvN Friday-Saturday drama ‘Gap Dong’ (Script by Kwon Eum Mi, produced by Cho Soo Won) that aired for the first time on April 11th became the center of attention even before it went on air with the fact that it is the work by the producing director Cho Soo Won, who confirmed the possibility of mystery investigation work through SBS drama ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’, and when the fact that it is the TV version of the movie ‘Memories of Murder’ was introduced. It is also the work that created anticipation when the actors Sung Dong Il and Yoon Sang Hyun, who were acknowledged of their acting skills, decided to appear on the drama.

The uncovered ‘Gap Dong’ was unexpected. Lee Joon, who had the modifier called ‘From the idol group’, got the attention of the viewers with the acting that can be compared to those of outstanding main character casts. Ryu Tae Oh was thought of as not that important but the attention of the viewers all went to him right after 1st~2nd episode went on air and he stood in the center of the story in the trailer of the 3rd episode also.


This might have been already expected from the time when the fact that he got the role of a psychopath Ryu Tae Oh was announced. In contrast to some actors and actresses who are from idol groups either get the main character role of the drama in no time or stick to ‘cool’ roles that does not ruin the idol image too much, Lee Joon got a rather ‘dangerous’ role of psychopath killer.

As if he completely became Ryu Tae Oh, he made the viewers stay focused by going back and forth between scary laughter and naïve face whenever he showed up in every episode. To his acting that almost make ‘From the idol group’ not true, the viewers said “The modifier ‘Acting idol’ is supposed to be used in times like this” and continued to compliment.

Ryu Tae Oh is a figure who becomes crucial in the unfolding of ‘Gap Dong’. It is because he is expecting to commit much more advanced murder in the future by volunteering to be hommage of the ‘Gap Dong’ incident. Also, the fact that he is the only one in the drama to discover a figure called ‘Gap Dong’ is something to pay attention to. To this, a hidden relationship with the main character Ha Moo Yeom(Yoon Sang Hyun) is also expecting to be revealed.

Whether Lee Joon will be able to become the center who makes ‘Gap Dong’ into a thriller that also works for the home viewers in the rest of 18 episodes with his good acting according to the positive comments he received until now, that very possibility and its result is anticipated.


<Picture> Provided by tvN, the capture of ‘Gap Dong’(Below)

[Copyright ⓒ 한국 최고의 스포츠 엔터테인먼트 전문 미디어 OSEN(www.osen.co.kr) 제보및 보도자료 osenstar@osen.co.kr 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

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140417 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon reveals he used to be a wig model before his debut


On the latest ‘Beatles Code 3D’, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon revealed that he used to be a wig model before his debut.

Lee Joon commented, “I was cast in the movie ‘Ninja Assassin’ before my debut,” and MC Shindong asked, “Anything before that?” The MBLAQ member responded, “Something like home shopping… I worked as a wig model,” explaining, “I was 20 years old,” when photos of his past modeling showed up on screen.

MC Jang Dong Min joked, “They’re probably waiting for you to go bald.” Shindong also mentioned that Lee Joon failed a lot of auditions before he debuted with MBLAQ.

Lee Joon said, “They criticized my appearance and said my eyes were too far apart. They said that through the television screen, my eyes would look even farther apart. So I tried getting nose massages, but they didn’t work.”

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140417 [NEWS] Lee Joon Used to Be a Wig Model Before His Debut?


Lee Joon of MBLAQ recently revealed that he used to be a model in the past, and not just any model, but a wig model.

On the April 15 episode of MNet’s “Beatles Code 3D,” the photos of Lee Joon modeling were unveiled by the MCs.

MC Shindong asked the guests, “Is there someone who has worked since a young age?” and Lee Joon was the first brave one to answer, “I appeared on the movie ‘Ninja Assassin‘ before my debut.”

When asked to reveal what he did before that, the idol confessed, “Stuff like home shopping… I even worked as a fitting model for wigs.” Hearing this, Shindong grabbed photos proving this and revealed old pictures of Lee Joon showcasing a variety of wigs.

Even though the photos are taken before his debut, his good looks and charming smile look exactly the same. He explained, “These were taken when I was 20 years old.”

Shindong continued, “How much did you earn?” to which Lee Joon replied, “My hourly wage was around 40,000won (~40USD). It was a very satisfying part-time job.” As others expressed their envy over the high salary, MC Jang Dong Min could not help but joke, “They must be waiting for you to turn bald.”

MC Shin Dong Yup said to Lee Joon, “I heard you went to many auditions before debuting, but surprisingly, you were rejected every time.” The idol revealed the reason behind this, “They focused on my appearance, and told me that my eyes are too far apart. They told me that my eyes will look even more far apart on camera, so I massaged my nose [to make it more defined], but it didn’t help.”

Shin Dong Yup caused everyone to burst in laughter as he said, “You should have done that at a young age. I did it and turned out like this. One day my nose became higher, but my eyes were cornered. That was when I realized that if you get one thing, you will lose something else.”

Were you aware of Lee Joon’s previous modeling activities?


Source: Soompi
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140417 [NEWS] [Drama Review] ‘Gabdongi’ - Episode 2 [SPOILERS !!]




In my last review, as some of you pointed out, I missed some major female characters. My reasons are twofold: first, I wasn’t certain how relevant they were to the plot, and second, I didn’t recognize our resident asylum psychologist, Dr. Maria Oh, in her civvies. :) With fake lashes, bangs, and a miniskirt, she looks like an entirely different person.

The investigations proceed apace as two murders happen in the same night, the second clearly perpetrated by a middle-aged man. Cheol Gon ejects Moo Yeom from the scene of the second murder. Moo Yeom is interested to see if that one has Gap Dong’s personal seal — an intricate knot.

Moo Yeom asks to resume his duties after recuperating, but Cheol Gon rejects him; Cheol Gon is extremely suspicious of Moo Yeom's interest in the case. Moo Yeom goes over his files about Cheol Gon and asks Profiler Han for advice on the case. The profiler says that Gab Dong uses a fishing knot because the more you pull, the stronger the knot. Han believes the killer is a copycat, perhaps so in tune with the killer that he thinks of the same knot — the intricate knot kept out of the official records. Moo Yeom heads out to the bus stop that was shown in the files. He notes the motorcycle parked there and is sucker-punched by Tae Oh.

Moo Yeom is more obsessed than ever. He had nearly given up on it, but it now seems that Gap Dong is active again. He becomes more and more eager to clear his father’s name while Cheol Gon seems intent on stopping him from getting anywhere near the case. I figure if Moo Yeom can’t get through to Cheol Gon, he will simply move around him.

Ji Wool is a character who doesn’t get a lot of screen time. She’s watched over by Mu Yeom’s friend, a monk named Jinjo. Jinjo had caught her breaking into the temple and taken her under his wing. She’s a teenage webtoon artist, specifically chronicling Gap Dong’s bloody reign of terror. She is a little spitfire, independent and singularly fearless. She’s already met Tae Oh and I fear bad things are in store for her. Were I in marketing, I would actually design her webtoons as an online companion to the show. That would be interesting to see.

Maria, meanwhile, indulges herself in her researches regarding Gap Dong. We find out she was the child survivor in the first episode, found before Gap Dong could kill her. She is likewise consumed with her search for Gap Dong and she plays a game with the inmates in which she feels their hands while blindfolded. Gap Dong had soft hands. She goes through Profiler Han's files and catches a bus to the same bus stop she sees in the files. She gets there and starts snapping pics with her phone…

She’s playing a dangerous game. A serial killer is not someone to be toyed with, no matter how interesting. I would think, ultimately, you would do your best to avoid seeing him again or anything that reminded you of him, but I am not she.

Cheol Gon is the same sourpuss he revealed himself to be in the first episode. He refuses to let Moo Yeom have anything to do with the Gap Dong case and actively tries to crucify him ever chance he gets. When he gets a hold of Moo Yeom’s notebook about the old cases involving Gap Dong, he figures it’s a scrapbook of his father’s handiwork. As he becomes more and more obsessed, I half-expect to see spittle drop from his mouth and a crazed look in his eyes. He’s more frightening than ever, though, especially now that he may have found a link between Gap Dong and Moo Yeom.

Tae Oh is obviously one of our killers. He is also the motorcyclist whom we keep seeing speed by the murder scenes - only now is it revealed to us who it is, so he has to be at least one of the Gap Dongs running around. Apparently, finding a job as a barista wasn’t fulfilling enough. ;)  One might worry that he would poison the coffee, but that’s too obvious and not Gap Dong’s M.O.

Maria talks with Tae Oh, buying coffee and checking up on him. When she saw him the night before, he mentioned he wanted back in the asylum. Now, he says he’s having fun. Yeah, I’ll bet. There’s a scene of him walking through a luxurious apartment and I have to ask myself, how do you afford that on a barista’s salary? 

I don’t know about him yet. Sometimes he appears almost autistic, his speech spare and halting. Other times he appears eager and fresh-faced. I don’t want things to be mustache-twirling obvious, but a little more oomph would be nice. The grimace during his victim’s screams was a nice touch, however. I will admit that his actions are creepy.

This show continues with its suspenseful plotting and masterful music. It hasn’t yet lost focus, though there is a heck of a lot happening. I wonder what’s going to happen to Moo Yeom, though I think the action was taken just to avoid capture or discovery. After all, women are Gap Dong’s victims, not men.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments. 


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