121129 [TRANS] SPECIAL INTERVIEW: MBLAQ and Their Managers from ‘Idol Manager’.

There is an idol group holding the center spot of attention, MBLAQ, and they have a special show where they got the opportunity to join Miss Kim SaeRom who has the role of one of their manager, but also to join Miss Jun Yul who is a member of one girl group called STELLAR. In addition there is also Miss Park Kyung Lim that made an great job on TvN’s 1997 version of ‘To respond’. Chung Yul got the spot of favourite manager to work with and caused a great impression on the public.However, now the managers are more likely to feel the burden of their profissions, we wonder what it would be their reaction, what they expect of it, we tried to listen to everyone including the production and the staffs.Participants: Co-producer Byung Hun, MBLAQ (Seungho, G.O, Mir, Cheondung and Joon), Park Kyung Lim, Kim Sae Rum, Jun Yul and the columnist Jung Sokhee.Jung Sokhee: As a production staff, what do you think about the idol group MBLAQ?Co-Producer: I think that as entertainers, I’m grateful. Of course that there are parts you want to hide in a way or another, but they eventuallyy show us that even though we’re hesitant about it, it can be appreciated. The most important part is that MBLAQ are enthusiastic idols specially in musical terms. Those kids put out a song and practice pretty hard to perform it on stage. They want to show their music themselfs to everyone that wants to hear. Their are one of the best in variety shows, I think there isn’t much biased on that area thanks to MBLAQ.Seungho: This show has become an opportunity to go back to the basics again. I think you could have got an idea that it was trough convenience, that it was easy to please, but is not like that. I would like to think that honestly our sense of responsibility has rised and that we’ll take this experience to work hard in the close future.Jung Sokhee: I think that when I looked trough this show, it was good to be able to see a new side of you, G.O.Kim Sae Rum: He’s an interesting man, it was the first time that I got to know so much about him.Jung Sokhee: Miss Sae Rum, you got criticized considerably even if it was your first time, how did you felt?Kim Sae Rum: Since it was a variety show I tried to show the best of me, still it reflect on my career to some extent, it didn’t made much damaged though. I’m familiar with they personality now. Kyung Lim Unnie and Jun Yul-ah too. But since I start to carry the ‘manager’ title it made me feel a bit overlaid in the inside, like becoming a real manager. I do think they wanted to be successful with this show, and so did I, there fore I want to take care of it all a little bit more. Cheer for them should be something to give priority in, I know, it still hurt to think about it. Even if we get hurt is understandable because it’s a variety show.SaeRum and Seungho unusual relationship: Jung Sokhee: But at the Japan’s first concert, everyone were shading tears. Despite of setting the “determines of a woman’s position”being with men, have fun with them when they are idols made you sense a slight difference?Kim Sae Rum: Yes, although it is like this, I believe Sungho has show a way more of what the trully is in this show.Seungho: Yes, I’m happy to agree with a friend of long years. I don’t really argue with an old friend because age is what consent out of the cameras.Park Kyung lim: I think I know, the idol personality is hard to understand (laughs) you get to know one person and wants to put it all together to really get to know them, but need to be careful with every little situation. Sometimes I just can’t handle things on my on and Sae Rum just go like “I do it.” I’m thankful for that point and attitude in the show.Seungho: I would like to applaud your courage in saying it. (laughs)Co-Producer: Is that kind of reaction we all have, we know a lot. However like Kyung Lim was saying that other day to SaeRum “I know it’s not the true you, but it’s not so different from what you really are.” Eventyally I understood what it has to take to appear in the broadcast and still be critcized over it. I think Sae Rum over come a lot with this, Kyung Lim grew up as well, Jun Yul seems to have prepared herself even more since she’s a rookie and I can’t interfere on it easily. If we asked for a character, none of them the managers or MBLAQ would had agreed.Seungho: Actually, when I heard that it would be three managers I got worried at fisrt. Kyung Lim’s relationship with her unnie is well-kown and even if it wasn’t the case Jun Yul was still very new. I think I came to look out for their role as our manager properly, is their place with us and we protect it. I laugh sometimes at Sae Rum’s full of energy actions, Jun Yul’s ‘okay do it in your way’ actitude, but with the effort in order to not let us down in her doive. Everyone does not need to become a hero on this, it isn’t a drama. Among us who always make up togheter and cooperat with each other, support each other, we creat a better show. No one wants to stand out, or greed is an healthy one.Juns Sokhee: Looks like today’s Seungho’s talking day, it surprised me! (laughs)Seungho: No, it isn’t! It was supposed to be an attempt to connect smoothly the moments (laughs)Jun Yul beggings with “It’s not need to say sorry”? Jung Sokhee: Miss Jun Yul being a regular in the cast seems to be on top of everywhere, and ofter concerned a lot of people since this role is not easy, you said that even though you’re still young you don’t need to be sorry about it?Park Kyung Lim: Jun Yul’s role as a manager is notorious. It is more like a trainee to be one some times? Don’t be so worried about how it’s turning like. We grow a lot as people when we learn about professionalism with idols and managers, and Jun Yul and MBLAQ’s relationship is fully gowing as they keep learning from each other. I think that because the program is called “Idol Manager” we need to teach MBLAQ something, but you can relex, you’re becoming great and that’s my bet.Jun Yul: Even if I think about it, the answer is still the same. People prepare shooting without even reflacting about it first, I became a shy rising star in this emergency. I regret, yes, but there is always good in lots of things that can be learned and go on with what you got.Jung Sokhee: I wondered when Mir would go out of his personality and put himself out of the person who doesn’t help a lot. However when I watched it again I saw that it was a really positive point on himself. I feel like I understood why it was that. I think that between the manager and MBLAQ with all the opposite ideas is normal to crash at some point.Co-Producer: One out the three managers I wanted to keep out the ‘senior-junior’ relationship. I heard that one of the STELLAR members were a good fan of G.O. And to her become a manager of her favourtie idol is not that dramatic. It was suppose to bring joy to the program. So I think it kind of made them to not se her as a manager, but out of everyone she stand up to show that even if she’s young it wouldn’t be a bother.Jung Sokhee: Who is the most indicate to help me? Oh, Jun Yul, you feel that G.O changed during the broadcast?Jun Yul: I have to say yes, for sure, but he’s still G.O.Our new challenge! Please look forward to it:Jung Sokhee: By the way, I want to ask you a question Mir, the leader was that scary? (Refering to the day were Seungho acted angry towards Mir).Mir: No! Look, there is no why! When we met for the first time as trainees, at first I was a little scared, but Seungho Hyung has looking after us in a great way.Jung Sokhee: When I was watching the recording, I thought he was a natural born leader, I have realized it even when the camera was not around.Mir: That’s not a comment about the broadcast! But yes, It’s really like this. I think that if Seungho hyung was really scared I would be the first to run away. (laughs)Jung Sokhee: There is also a good thing about Miss Park Kyung Lim?Mir: We’re left free, Kyung Lim noona is someone who holds the reins. Shows me that I need to grow up in our day-to-day, wichever is very welcome.Park Kyung Lim: When I saw the boys for the first time was when they got invited for MBC FM’s “Starry Night with Park Kyung Lim”. So I really grew attrached to them during the show, the relationship is like mother-sons? I found out not long ago. Really friendly like I’m with my real children. I’m really working hard for them.Mir: Kyung Lim Noona was with us during many things including one fan meeting so we did many things together. When I got to know she would be one of the managers for the show, I willingly consent it.Park Kyung Lim: I’m thankful, after Married I just got to have children in a varity show, I didn’t got many offers to don’t do only talk shows on radio studio. So I really think MBLAQ wanted to put me up again, sometimes I think we have about the same mental age so I just play around with them.Jung Sokhee: Is good to see that you’re all friends and even a family, what do you think of being their saniors in acting?Park Kyung Lim: I was surprised to co-star with them, I have to work really hard in the futuro (laughs)G.O: All the members are interested in acting. I’m happy because they have talent and this happens. Seung Ho and I have learned a lot, especially while preparing for the musical.Jung Sokhee: How long you’ll be staging “Gwanghwamun Love Story?”G.O: Starting with the performance in Osaka on November 10, it’s scheaduled to be staged in Tokyo as well. I’m still practicing, I went back to the student life, I think, because acting and vocal classes take a lot of time. The ser is new and field, but its hard to keep it up. I feel like I got myself in a updraded lavel. I want to give the team the feeling that I’m doing my best to learn.Epilogue.I heard some news after a few days we got the interviw done, Mir was in South America recording “Law of Jungle 2” He wanted a challenge outside the studio as well and he got the chance! MBLAQ’s schedule’s really tight, some of the members even slept during the interview, I’m looking forward to see them growing.Source: KstyleTranslated: Carolline Yukari @MBLAQAttck.netReuploaded: Carolline Yukari @MBLAQAttck.netDO NOT ADD AND/OR EDIT CREDITS WHEN TAKEN OUT OF MBLAQATTACK.
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121113 [TWITTER] Make-up artist Ham Kyungsik tweets about final recording of Idol Manager + photos 

Idol Manager final recording„The travelling took a long time ke The broadcast only shoes 5 seconds„ke

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121109 [TWITTER] Idol Manager PD tweets 

Translation:MBLAQ’s fabulous image teasers will be released today after Idol Manager final episode hehe ^^ Please stay tune on the homepage http://www.mbcplus.com/idolmanager and you can download from there~

Translation:<idol manager> The capacity of the images is too large but to reduce the capacity, our sweet administrator-nim gave up the homepage from the original to with administrative privileges nyahehe^^* And it is the time to be watching!!

Translation:<idol manager> Before the title in the final episode comes out, there will be a former CM~ Let’s watch them together!! ^0^/

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121109 [PICS] MBLAQ pictorial from Idol Manager Ep13 

For more photos please visit this thread

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121108 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon has feelings for Stellar’s Jeon Yul? 

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon recently expressed his feelings for Stellar‘s Jeon Yul. For the upcoming broadcast of MBC Every1‘s ‘Idol Manager‘, the cast played a ‘rolling paper’ game to see how they really feel about each other. During the game, Lee Joon was asked to choose between MBLAQ’s on-screen managers Park Kyung Lim, Kim Sae Rom, and Stellar’s Jeon Yul. Lee Joon chose Jeon Yul, saying, “I hope you don’t feel too uneasy and have a good time. I’m sorry that I couldn’t take better care of you.” Park Kyung Lim remarked, “Lee Joon only took care of Jeon Yul. Now is the time to tell Jeon Yul. Tell her,” making the two burst into awkward laughter. Fellow MLBAQ member G.O. then shared, “There’s probably a signal [they use] that only the two of them know about.” Lee Joon defended himself and stated, “Haet Nim (Oh Yeon Seo), it’s not like that. Really it’s not like that,” explaining himself to his on-screen wife who was not present. Tune in for this hilarious episode on November 9 at 6PM KST.

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121107 [OTHER] MBLAQ on recording MBCevery1 ‘Idol Manager’ 

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