140305 [CLIP] MBLAQ concert promotion in Lima, Peru - CineBLAQ (씨네블랙)

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131015 [NEWS] MBLAQ celebrate their 4th anniversary + announce upcoming Seoul concert this November


MBLAQ celebrated their 4th anniversary on October 15 and announced their upcoming concert in Seoul!

Seung Ho thanked his A+ on Twitter, "It is finally MBLAQ’s 4th anniversary nyahahaha. I thank A+ who have always been by our side up until now. I will grow older with a better image, and let’s continue to see each other until I become a grandpa hehe Good night♥."

G.O. tweeted, "MBLAQ’s 4th anniversary! I sincerely thank you A+ who never fail to pour out their love through the rain or snow! I love you♥." Mir alsotweeted, "It’s MBLAQ’s 4th anniversary~ Thank you A+ who have been our shield for the past four years~!!! You’ve been with us for four years, so it seems you’ll have to continue to stick with us in the future.. Thank you~+_+!!!!!!!!!!!"

J.Tune Camp further revealed a special anniversary gift, "MBLAQ’s 2013 global tour concert, ‘Sensation’, which was held in Mexico and Japan will now be held in Seoul on November 23… It will be a sensational concert with flashy performances and special effects, and it will showcase new sides of the members.”

Happy Anniversary, MBLAQ!

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130306 [NEWS] MBLAQ to be in the Philippines with EXCITE and TWO X this March!

Good news Filipino K-POP enthusiasts! Popular boygroup, MBLAQ will be coming to Manila this March for a showcase and they’re not alone. Together with EXCITE and TWO X they will be putting up an awesome performance for their fans.

The event “MBLAQ FIRST CONTACT: THE INVASION CONTINUES” will be this March 31st at Aliw Theater. Tickets are already up for grabs. The will also be a fanmeeting with each artists and only the first 50 buyers of the VIP ticket from affiliated fanclubs will get an autographed CD plus a chance to take a photo with either of the three groups present!

To reserve or purchase your tickets with a discounted price, please contact with MBLAQ Philippines (For more info, do check here).

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130127 [OTHER] Thunder at Big Bang’s concert
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120910 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s encore concert in Japan a success

MBLAQ wrapped up its two-day encore concert in Japan on Sunday. The event, which took place at Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center, was a sell-out, just like the band’s earlier concerts on the island nation. Due to the success of “The BLAQ%” Asian tour which made stops in Thailand, Taiwan and Japan, the band staged another two concerts for the Japanese fans. During the original tour, all four shows took place just in Osaka and Tokyo, which meant that those in Yokohama had missed out. During the two-hour performance, the K-pop band treated their eagerly awaiting fans to a dynamic program consisting of group and individual acts. “We remember the first time we were here was with Rain,” said the band. “This place brings back a lot of memories and we are so glad to be holding our own show.” The band asked the fans to have a “good time,” before promising that from now on, they’d make more frequent visits. “We’ll definitely be coming back. Hope to see you soon,” the boy band added as it launched into its hit song “Oh Yeah” before calling it a night.
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120909 [ME2DAY] Dara going for MBLAQ’s concert in Yokohama

Translation:Arrived in Tokyo!! Heading to somewhere wearing a chocolate mint hat from someone in New York… where are you going?!? kekeke I’m going to Yokohama… ^___^

Translation:Arrived in Yokohama!!! I had came to see MBLAQ concert! ^_____^ kekeke good to see them like this while going overseasㅠ.ㅠ heukheuk Cheondoong ah~~~!!!ke the staff tidying the collar around his neck~I’m waiting for the concert to start! ^.^ Our doongie is eating now~ I’m here waiting for the entry later like this +.+

Translation:MBLAQ concert has ended!!!>.<The seats were switched and everybody stood up and me too I was standing! Kya~! The audiences were so passionate and it was like your favorite singers will bring you really great~ energy I guess!!!^.^The best! MBLAQ concert was totally cool! Supposedly members from Japan jjang kekekekekeke

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Ticket Giveaway to MBC’s ‘Korean Music Wave in Google’

Hello A+! We have partnered up with Koreaboo.com for MBC’s ‘Korean Music Wave in Google’ concert to be held in Mountain View, California at Shoreline Ampitheatre on May 21st, 2012 at 7:00PM (doors open at 5:00PM). Koreaboo is providing a shuttle bus service for the event, including a bus that will leave from Los Angeles and head to Mountain View. The cost would be $125 and would include the bus service to and from the concert as well as a ticket to the concert. You can find more information about this service here: http://www.koreaboo.com/smtown/ Also as partners in this event, we’ve been given 2 free tickets to the concert that we’re giving away to our members! So if any A+ want to go to the event but didn’t manage to get a ticket, please post here with the following information: (YOU MUST HAVE 10 POSTS TO ENTER)Name:

E-mail:Why do you love MBLAQ? (100 words or less): We will be randomly choosing 2 winners, who we will contact via PM with the information on how to accept your tickets! We will also send you and Koreaboo an e-mail so that you can exchange contact information and pick-up your tickets with them.

Please make sure you check your e-mail and PM on the night of the deadline so that you can arrange to get your tickets with Koreaboo ASAP. If you already got tickets to the event but know other A+ that weren’t so fortunate, feel free to spread the word and tell them to come enter this giveaway!

DEADLINE: May 17th @ 11:00PM EST

 Thanks to Koreaboo for the tickets and good luck in the giveaway A+! Hope you all have fun at the concert and cheer on MBLAQ~ ^^
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Check out these channels for fancams of the Men in MBLAQ Concert

1. frodosine
2. blaqbi2
3. pi0129
4. xTokyolightsx

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