[OFFICIAL] MBLAQ’s Schedule (04/21 - 04/27)

Monday, April 21

Tuesday, April 22

20:00~ Seopyeonje Musical [G.O]

23:00~ MNET Beatles Code 3D [Mir]

Wednesday, April 23

Thursday, April 24

Friday, April 25

10:00~ Mwave MEET & GREET (http://mwave.interest.me/meetgreet/view/39)

20:00~ Tooniverse Nangam School 2 [Mir]

20:40~ tvN Gapdongie (Ryu Taeoh) [Joon]

Saturday, April 26

19:00~ Seopyeonje Musical [G.O]

20:40~ tvN Gapdongie (Ryu Taeoh) [Joon]

Sunday, April 27

 Source: MBLAQ Official Daum Cafe
Translation: merlinka@ mblaqattack.net

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[♥] 50 hot packs have been purchased & sent to the Sewol Ferry support! We will continue collecting donations every day and sending needed items to the support site in Jindo. PayPal: mblaqattack@hotmail.com Thank you!

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140421 [TWITTER] J.Tune Camp’s Tweets


[MBLAQ] 6th Mini Album ‘Broken’ Fansigns Reschedule Guide (Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Incheon)  cafe.daum.net/Mblaq/EmYM/294



[MBLAQ] 3rd Official Fanmeeting Postponement Information cafe.daum.net/Mblaq/L8fq/3

Source: J.Tune Camp’s Twitter , @MBLAQINDONESIA
Translated: merlinka@mblaqattack.net , @MBLAQINDONESIA
Reuploaded/posted: merlinka@mblaqattack.net

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[MINI PROJECT] Sewol Ferry Support


[♥] Due to the tragedy surrounding the sinking of the Sewol ferry, we are creating a mini-charity project. At the rescue site they are in need of items such as towels, tissues, socks, and other items. Because we want the items to get there ASAP, we will be purchasing items immediately after every…

Please spread this to everyone you know~ It is an ongoing project.

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140416 [CHAT] Thunder chatting in Daum Cafe

MBLAQ’s repackaged album has 3 new songs.
The title song in the repackaged album is composed by Cheondung.

A+: First time chatting with you :D Cheondung replied: My first time chatting with you too XD

A+: MBLAQ isn’t going to be on more variety shows like Sesame Player?
Cheondung: I have thought about it, between us MBLAQ we can just film with iPads and edit it then upload onto Youtube, because we feel like a variety show normally, should we make a MBLAQ channel?

A: Oppa, if you have a badminton competition can you upload a video clip?
Cheondung: If you want a video clip then the poses of MBLAQ hyungs will look pitiful.
A+: Who is better at badminton?
Cheondung: I’m crowned second, Seungho is first, in the last match I was attempting to win but I still lost, so losers have nothing to say.
A+: Mir oppa is already eliminated from the start?
Cheondung: Mir only plays mobile phone games

A+: What time do you sleep?
Cheondung: 5am at night, I would write songs, close the lights & watch TV while drinking grape juice

A+: Cheondung you don’t rap anymore? Cheondung: I’m still good at rapping now

Fan:U guys look so cool in tailor suits
CD: its not tailor suit, its western suit. 28 years old hyungs line wore tailor suits

Fan: What about Lee Joon oppa? Is his tailor or western suit?
CD: He’s just an assassin

Fan: Do you exercise regularly?
CD: I exercise when I feel like exercising

Fan: How can your sis feed you until so well?
Thunder:It’s not my sis, it’s my mom

Fan:Lets organise athlectic conference
CD: Please don’t mention about sports to MBLAQ XD

Fan about badminton: Is Mir the 1st to get disqualified?
CD: Mir only focus on playing his handphone games

Fan: Can u say something that can make our heartbeat beat really fast?
CD: Sure!
CD: The things I ordered is send out

Fan: CD, can you change your font colour?
CD: No!
Fan: Why?
CD: Because red font is too dangerous to be written

Fan:Have you seen Rain recently?
Cheondung: You talking about Ji-Hoon hyung? My idol Rain?

Fan:Cheondung do you like composing during the day? Or composing at night?
Cheondung: Night

A+: Why is the new song called 12 months? Why not 1 year or 365 days?
Cheondung: I feel 12 months sounds better, like it

Cheondung: Ahh something big is happening, my spaghetti is here
So A+ asked him if he would use a fork to spin up spaghetti and eat.
Cheondung: Using a fork to eat like that, then life will be knotted together too, so I just eat it directly.

A+ kept telling Cheondung to upload a selca to show his black hair,
Cheondung: I’m not good at taking selcas so I can’t

To. Hongkong A+ From. Thunder
He said ‘Hongkong fans miss you’




Source: Daum Cafe
Translated: @Mr__KL , @MBLAQGO_LUVU , @BLAQ_MR / caps: @humi_928 , @BLAQ_MR
Reuploaded: merlinka@mblaqattack.net

(Source: mblaqattack.net)

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140405 [NEWS] ‘Music Core’ MBLAQ, Standard perfect suit….Charming up ‘Come Back’


[OSEN=Hwang Mi Hyun] MBLAQ performed its come back stage by showing perfect men in suit

MBLAQ appeared in MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ and showed its come back stage with its new song ‘Be A Man’ in April 5 3:50 pm.

The group wore navy suit and doubled their masculine image with neat and tidy styling.

Especially Mir who had shown cute image through entertainment program wore glasses and had 2:8 part his hair in the middle, giving different image of seriousness.

Today’s ‘Show! Music Core’ had various musicians including SuperJunior-M, Toheart, 4minute, Im ChangJeong, Apink, Oranga Caramel, Mad Clown, MBLAQ, Crayon Pop, Park Su Jin, M.I.B, So real, Speed, Tint, F. CUZ, NS Yoonji, Sam, and Kim So Jeong.


<Photo credit> Show! Music Core Capture

[Copyright ⓒ 한국 최고의 스포츠 엔터테인먼트 전문 미디어 OSEN(www.osen.co.kr) 제보및 보도자료 osenstar@osen.co.kr 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]

Source: m.star Naver/ OSEN
Reuploaded/posted: merlinka@mblaqattack.net

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