141019 [NEWS] BEAST Wishes the Best for MBLAQ in Midst of Disbandment Rumors



On October 18, the members of BEAST took part in an interview with TV Report to discuss their newly-released special seventh mini album “TIME.”

During the interview, they were asked about the recent reports about MBLAQ and the rumors surrounding the group’s disbandment. The two idol groups are known to be close peers and friends, as they both released their debut albums on the same day—October 14, 2009.

On the subject of Lee Joon and Thunder leaving MBLAQ, the members of BEAST expressed, “We were very surprised after hearing the news. But that’s honestly not something we have the right to discuss or argue about.”

They said, “Not all withdrawals are bad or negative. As far as we know, it was a natural process because the contract period expired. We debuted on the same day and we promoted together a lot over the years, so we saw each other often on various stages. In that aspect, we have many memories and we’re going to miss being noisy and rowdy all together.”

BEAST also shared, “MBLAQ is a particularly special group to us. Since our debut, we were always compared, and through that we received a lot of help from one another. Our two teams performed special stages together and had many battle performances.”

The members expressed well-wishes for their close peers, saying, “It’s upsetting and disappointing. Because we’re so close with the MBLAQ members, it’s difficult to ask anything more about it, as it is a sensitive issue. We hope everything is resolved well.”

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier this month that MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Thunder would be withdrawing from the group following the end of their contracts with J.Tune Camp. Due to these reports, rumors of the group’s disbandment began to float around, however, their agency explained that nothing has been confirmed and they are still in discussion about future plans.

Source: SOOMPI

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141010 [NEWS] Mr. Baek makes rivals of Jung Seok-won and Lee Joon



MBC’s Mr. Baek appears to have gone on a casting spree this week; it only confirmed its two lead stars (Shin Ha-kyun and Jang Nara) recently, and now has announced three more names. About time, too, since the show only has a month till its November premiere and time’s ticking away. (It’s not unheard of to cast the supporting leads this late, though the timing did seem a bit pressed in securing the two main leads.)

The new additions are Jung Seok-won (Haeundae Lovers) and Lee Joon (Gap-dong), who are confirmed, while Park Ye-jin (I Love Lee Tae-ri) is not. The drama’s set in a hotel group that’s run by an elderly chairman, who turns into Shin Ha-kyun when he finds himself suddenly turned young. (By the way, they’ve changed grandpa’s name again so I’m just going to assume it’ll change a half-dozen more times. We can figure it out when the drama airs.) Jung Seok-won plays a capable corporate director who has his utmost trust, being smart and ambitious, though perhaps also morally questionable: Once the grandpa chairman disappears (because he’s turned young), Jung starts entertaining thoughts of usurping his position.

Lee Joon is set up to be a rival to Jung Seok-won; he’s the chairman’s son, Choi Dae-han (a pun meaning “Utmost,” har), and his father is always comparing him to Jung. He’ll be the subject of gossip and scorn at the company, getting called scum and dirtbag behind his back by the employees, partly because of his status and partly because he’s prone to attracting trouble. He also eschews capitalist principles and thinks that you should only spend as much money as you need… which is partly commendable, and partly really annoying coming from a guy who’s born into wealth and privilege. Sounds like a character I could feel for, and he’ll start to change slowly as he meets our heroine (Jang Nara) when she enters the company as a rookie employee.

Lee Joon just played a second-generation chaebol in his last drama, although I guess we can’t compare this fantasy rom-com to the serial-killer mystery Gap-dong. At least I hope not. I’d like to see Lee Joon playing someone normal this time — he was great at being unbalanced and psychotic, but you know, it’s just hard to sympathize with a guy who pulls the “I’m so misunderstood” card when he’s killing a bunch of people. I think the difference may be that in Gap-dong I was saying “poor little rich boy” in sarcasm, while in this drama I just might mean it earnestly.

Initial news reports stated that Park Ye-jin was in the final stages of signing on, but later stories are backpedaling a bit, so her casting seems uncertain. The character she is considering is merely described as being a step away from Park’s usual type of haughty and sharp characters. Let’s hope the show can get its cast finalized soon!

Mr. Baek will follow Wednesday-Thursday drama My Spring Days and premieres in November.




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141010 [NEWS] Tickets of MBLAQ’s Concert ‘CURTAIN CALL’ to Be Almost Sold Out!


Boy band MBLAQ, who has always shown great talent and growth as musician since debut in 2009, holds concert named <CURTAIN CALL>. Surprisingly, tickets have almost sold out as soon as they were released on October 8.

This proves how long MBLAQ and their fans have been waiting for this concert, which will be held in November 29 and 30.

MBLAQ will show a variety of performances with newly arranged songs at the concert. Each member of the band will also show their own stages. They will have time to communicate with their fans as well.

Meanwhile, the concert <Curtain Call> will be held at Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul respectively at 7 p.m. on November 29 and at 5 p.m. on November 30.

 Written by Han Jihee, Photography by J.TUNE CAMP, Translated by Park Kayla


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141010 [NEWS] MBLAQ to Enlist in Military after “Curtain Call” Concert? Mir Explains Current Situation Through Fancafe Post



Earlier, on October 9, fans of MBLAQ were shocked and disappointed to hear about the group’s possible military enlistment, as explained by the creative director of MBLAQ’s concert, Randy Noh. Through his Instagram, the concert show director uploaded a picture of the promotional poster for the group’s upcoming solo concert, “Curtain Call,” which will be held on November 29-30. However, what caught the attention of fans was not the photo itself, but the message that was posted along with it:

“It feels like it was just yesterday when I saw MBLAQ trembling before their first debut stage five years ago, and now they’re already [going to] the army, too. But I wonder if they’ll be able to prepare for the concert properly. I might not be able to prepare anything for the concert because I’ve been telling celebrity cosplayer Mr. Bang (Mir) about this summer’s episode. I hope many people come and show a lot of support for our MBLAQ [members], whom we won’t be able to see much for some time. P.S: The title and head copy are my works #MBLAQ #MBLAQConcert #20141129-1130 #OlympicHall #MBLAQsLastConcertForNow.”


After hearing about the concerns of fans following the spread of this news, member Mir took to a post on the group’s official fancafe in order to clear the air. He wrote:

Title: Hello, this is Mir.

The title feels strange, right?

I’m writing this using my phone so I can’t tell what’s what..I felt like I had to communicate with you all, so I’m leaving this message..I didn’t think it would be courteous [to post this on] Twitter..

My heart hurts because it seems like many people are filled with worry and anger..

Various speculations ran rampant, and [these speculations] became a reality. I’m so sorry for making everyone feel uneasy because of this..

We [the members] will personally make sure to tell you so that you won’t be worried..

So for now, please close your eyes and ears..Our #1 priority is that we shouldn’t disappoint our fans..same with right now..so please wait a little longer..We will be MBLAQ that keeps our promises..!!

Also, the weather these days suddenly got colderㅠ Always be careful not to catch a cold, study hard, work hard, and play hard, too..Please don’t get hurt..ㅠㅁㅠ We will come back with good news soon~ To be continued.


Earlier this month, fans began to speculate about the members’ possible enlistment, so it appears that Mir wanted to ease fans’ worries and explain the current situation directly.

Meanwhile, who—whether it will be all or some of the members—or when MBLAQ will be entering the military is not certain for the time being. J.Tune Camp has not yet released an official statement about MBLAQ’s future plans for enlistment, so fans can hold tight until it is confirmed by both the members and the agency.


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140819 [NEWS] MBLAQ to Hold 3rd Fan Meeting,‘I Am So Lucky to Have You by My Side. ♥’



Boy Band ‘MBLAQ’ successfully held their 3rd Fan Meeting named “THANK U” at Art Center of Sangmyung University on August 17 while 1,500 fans gathered just for them.

MBLAQ (Seung-Ho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondong and Mir) prepared special performances to let fans know how grateful they are for their support. They also looked back on the time as singers for the past 5 years.

Each member of the group also became the host and led 5 different stages they respectively prepared.

The Fan Meeting started as each member showed up on the stage with the opening video clip. They all gladly greeted their fans.


MBLAQ prepared various events such as lunch boxes that they made by themselves, MBLAQ’s ‘Love and War’(the most popular drama designed in order to give advices on marital problems in Korea) and video clips of MBLAQ long time ago along with regular performances of their songs.

MBLAQ said, “It was very meaningful moment to be with our fans. I had great time looking back on my past as well. I also felt how much our fans loved and supported us. I thought I had to do better for them.”

Meanwhile, MBLAQ is currently getting ready for their next album. They are also separately showing great talent in movies, dramas, variety shows and oversea stages.

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140814 [NEWS] Lee Joon to be Chosen as the Host of ‘2nd Animal Film Festival


Lee Joon of MBLAQ and Ahn Hye-kyung have been chosen as the host for the opening ceremony of ’2nd Animal Film Festival in Suncheon,’ the place of animals and humans coexist in harmony, which will be held on August 21.

Lee Joon played the role of child of singer Rain in the film ‘Ninja assassin’ in 2009, which Rain made a debut with in Hollywood as he showed remarkable acting.

Lee Joon, as a member of the boy band ‘MBLAQ,’ has been beloved by many people still showing great acting talent in various dramas such as KBS’s ‘Jungle Fish,’ and ‘Iris 2.’ Meanwhile, he finally appeared as a leading role in the film ‘An Actor is an Actor’ in 2013 with impressive acting. He won the newcomer award at the ‘Wildflower Film Awards’ with this film.

In addition, Lee Joon has been recognized as a rising actor in the film industry as he was chosen as the youngest judge at the ’13th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival.’

Along with Lee Joon, Ahn Hye-kyung has been chosen as the female host of the festival.

‘2nd Animal Film Festival’ is a meaningful festival that animal, nature and humans can enjoy films and cultures together. It will be held from August 21 to August 26 in the whole area of Suncheon City including Suncheonman Garden.

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140814 [NEWS] MBLAQ hypnotise fans in their first appearance in Malaysia

After years of waiting for MBLAQ to grace our shores, they were finally here at the K-Festival 2014, last weekend, August 9, 2014. The same night that MBLAQ performed at Pavilion, another Korean group performed at another venue but the turn up at Pavilion was not disappointing. Fans screamed just by knowing that they have entered the building (thanks to host Baki Zainal for teasing the fans with a play-by-play of MBLAQ’s movement in Pavilion).
From left – Mir, G.O, Seungho and Thunder
The boys, Seungho (leader), G.O (main vocal), Thunder (lead rapper), and Mir (main rapper and youngest) stepped on stage handsomely decked in navy blue suits and dazzling smile towards the fans starts the performance with Be A Man. During the performance, the members were seen looking around the stage and on to the different levels of Pavilion just to see how many fans have come to watch their performance, and I’m sure they were amazed. As the ambassador of Kaki Korea, Baki mentioned, we have never seen Pavilion crowded as it was that night.
Rapper Mir never fail to get the fans to scream
The second song performed that night was one of the fans’ favourite, Monalisa. Monalisa is a song with Spanish electro dance beat. The choreography combines the Spanish dance and modern moves and to be able to see this performed live, is just amazing. Sadly, the main dancer Lee Joon was not present (due to a schedule conflict), else the performance would have been perfect.
The boys were happy to be in Malaysia and performing for the very first time. They mentioned that they have been receiving a lot of request from the fans in Malaysia and they were thankful that they have been given the opportunity to finally come and visit.
Swoon for G.O!
Most of the boys composed their own songs, but where did their inspiration come from? Thunder replied that for him, the songs that he wrote were based on his experience. And with the song, he would like the fans to experience how he feels.
Smile for Thunder!
MBLAQ further won the fans over when G.O, spoke in Malay and said “Kita cinta kamu”. To this, Baki taught the members to say Thank You (in Malay) to the fans for coming.
Charismatic Seungho
The boys then continued with Oh Yeah, the last song performed that night. It was short performance, but a worthwhile moment for the fans who have waited for a long time and for MBLAQ members to know that they do have fans in this part of the world. Here’s to hoping that MBLAQ will hold a concert in Malaysia soon.
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140804 [NEWS] Lee Joon Displays His Nice Body For “Evisu” [BTS]



MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is chic for fashion brand Evisu, a Japanese designer clothing company which specializes in denim wear. Modeling together with Joon is model Lee Sung Kyung. The both of them are looking chic and stylish in the photoshoot making for Evisu’s 2014 fall and winter collection.

Many probably already know Lee Joon, but if you don’t, he is a singer, but he’s also made himself known as an actor with his great acting skills. His most recent drama was tvN’s Memories of Murder (Gap Dong), in which he acts as a psychopath.

Lee Sung Kyung on the other hand is a model from YG Entertainment and K-Plus. She recently starred in SBS’s It’s Okay, It’s Love as Oh So Nyeo. If you’ve been watching the drama, you probably remember seeing her. It is also her first acting role.


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140627 [NEWS] Kikwang, Lee Joon, Bora, and Ahn Jae Hyun cheer on K.Will in part 2 of his fake documentary



The stars of K.Will's past music videos including B2ST's Kikwang, MBLAQ's Lee Joon, SISTAR's Bora, and Ahn Jae Hyun showed their support for K.Will’s comeback in Part.2 of his ‘fake documentary’ titled ‘The Casting’!


Kikwang (who starred in “Gift”), Bora (“I Need You”), Lee Joon (“My Heart Beating”), and Ahn Jae Hyun (“Please Don’t”) shared their wish for K.Will to have a successful comeback. When asked if they had any episodes while filming K.Will’s MVs, it was so long ago that the boys couldn’t even remember what happened.

They also gave their thoughts on whether or not K.Will is good-looking with Kikwang avoiding the question by ambiguously replying, “Yes.” Ahn Jae Hyun also mentioned that he looks handsome on stage but gave props to him for showing his bare face on ‘Real Men’. Bora hilariously commented on his looks as well, sharing, "He’s not ugly." They also honestly revealed that they’re not close with K.Will but showed that they have nothing but good things to say about the talented singer.

Check out part two of the fake documentary above!


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140524 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Watched Interviews of Mentally Ill People to Prepare for Drama

Acting as psychopath ‘Ryu Tae Oh’ in tvN’s drama Gapdong, Lee Joon attended a photoshoot session with fashion magazine Vogue Girl along with an interview.

In the photo released on May 19, Lee Joon posed for the camera reminding one of his drama role with soft yet sharp charisma.

During a photoshoot with lilies, Lee Joong said, “There is a murder scene from Gapdong that coincidentally matches the concept of this photoshoot, so I feel like I became the victim.”

In the interview that followed, Lee Joon was asked how he prepared himself for the psychopath role and he confessed, “I watched interviews of mentally ill people on YouTube.”


The full photoshoot and interview will be available in the June issue of Vogue Girl.

Photo credit: Vogue Girl


Source: Mwave

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