120820 [ENDORSE] Thunder endorsing ZE QUUN homme

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120820 [PICS] G.O recording KBS Immortal Song
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120820 [NEWS] MBLAQ’s G.O to appear on Immortal Classics once again as a fixed cast member
G.O of boy group MBLAQ, composed of five members, will appear on KBS’s Immortal Classics once again as a fixed cast member in a year. On August 20, an official of KBS said, “G.O will appear on the show once again. He is expected to give mature performances through the show.”“He will start shooting the show on August 20. He will replace Ulala Session, who is shooting the show for the last time today.”G.O started appearing on the show in June of last year and left the show on September 10. It has been an year since he appeared on the show as a fixed cast member and he is drawing a lot of attention by appearing on the show once again. He previously appeared in the January episode of the show.G.O took first place in the last year episode of the show, in which singer Kim Soo Hee appeared.Besides G.O, 4men’s Shin Yong Jae will appear on the show and give the first performance after he rejoined the cast members.The episode, in which G.O appeared, will air in September.

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